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Medical Links
Health A to Z HealthAtoZ offers advice and information categorized by gender and age
healthfinder.gov healthfinder.gov provides contact information for healthcare organizations and links to various governmental as well as private medical sites. The site is sponsored by the Department of Disease Prevention and Heath Promotion.
HealthWeb HealthWeb contains educational medical information by means of a search engine. Included topics include AIDS & HIV, Diabetes, Diseases.
U.S. Department of Health and Human Services The Department of Health and Human Services offers information on current medical conditions, medical alerts, legal advice and important travel advisories.
WebMD Health WebMD Health offers tips and advice on medical and fitness issues. This is among the most popular online Health sites.
World Health Organization The World Health Organization offers news concerning current epidemics, virii, and medical diseases affecting the international community.
Yahoo! Directory Health Yahoo! Directory Health provides a current listing of homepage sites which address various medical topics including Fitness, Senior Health, and General Health.

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